Niue’s Government and Politics
The Niue Constitution Act of 1974 allowed for a 20 member Legislative Assembly. 14 are elected to represent each village and the remaining six from the National Register called a Common Roll.

A Premier, to lead the Government is elected by the Legislative Assembly who in turn selects three associates a four member Cabinet. A Speaker of the Assembly is selected from outside the ranks of the Legislative Assembly members. All local residents over 18 years and over are eligible to vote.

The 1974 Niue Constitution Act
Following the results of the September 1974 Referendum with the required 66% for the proposed constitutional change from integration to a self governing state The Niue Constitution Act became law on the 19th October 1974 containing the following important provisions:
  • That Niue becomes a self governing state in free association with New Zealand.
  • The Constitution shall be the supreme Law of Niue
  • That Niueans are New Zealand Citizens
  • That her Majesty in right of New Zealand be responsible for the external affairs and defence of Niue
  • That It shall be a continuing responsibility of the Government of New Zealand to provide necessary economic and administrative assistance to Niue.

Map of Niue
Niue's Parliamentary System
Following a plea from British missionaries and island leaders, the island became a British Protectorate at the turn of the 20th

Niue’s system of government is based on the Westminster system. The Niue Assembly consists of 20 members, 14 of whom are elected by village constituencies and 6 from the common roll. The 20 members elect a Premier and the Premier selects three cabinet ministers from the 19. Members elect a Speaker from outside their ranks. A general election is held every three years. century. Shortly thereafter, in an agreement with the British government, New Zealand took over responsibility for Niue in 1901. The island remained a territory of New Zealand until October 1974 when it adopted self-rule, but continues to retain New Zealand citizenship, a contributing factor in the large presence of Niueans in Auckland.

Niue’s Parliamentary system is based on the Westminster model offering universal suffrage to all permanent residents 18 years and over in a General Election held every three years. To be eligible to vote permanent residents must be present on Niue on the day of the elections, and there are no provisions under the Niue Constitution Act to allow voting rights to Niueans living abroad.

The Constitution Act of 1974 requires that 20 members will be elected to constitute a Fono Ekepule [Niue Legislative Assembly] composing of 14 Members from each of the 14 villages and 6 Members from the Common Roll Register.

On Election Day eligible permanent residents in each village constituency may cast 7 votes – 1 for the village Member, and up to 6 names from the Common Roll Register. There are provisions in the 1974 Constitution Act that allow an uncontested nominated candidate in a village constituency automatic membership in the Niue Fono Ekepule, but the 6 candidates from the Common Roll Register must be voted for by all eligible voters on the day.


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The first 6 Common Roll candidates with the most popular votes [first past the post'] become members of the Niue Fono Ekepule. There are also provisions in the Constitution Act that allow a 'taken out of the hat decision' in the event of a tie between two or more candidates.

At the first Meeting of the Niue Fono Ekepule a Speaker of the House must be appointed in order to legitimatise the Oath Swearing ceremony of all 20 elected members, which once completed a Premier is chosen to lead the Government.

The Premier at his earliest convenience may, after consultation choose 3 members from the Niue Fono Ekepule to form a Team of Cabinet Ministers who will be responsible for the day to day of the government of Niue. Normally during the meeting of Cabinet Ministers a Clerk to Cabinet and the Secretary to Government will be present.

The Premier and Cabinet Ministers may appoint a Chief Judge to form the Judicial arm of the Government thereby completing the legal requisites that are required by the Niue Constitution Act 1974.

Important Niue Government Sectors
Secretary to Government: Richard HIPA
Deputy Secretary to Government: Mr Justin Kamupala
Contact: PO Box 40, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4200
Facsimile (683) 4232

Public Service Commission Chairperson : Mrs Taumalua Jackson
Member : Mr Crossley Tatui
Member : John Tiakia
Contact : PO Box 125, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone : (683) 4210
Facsimile : (683) 4211

Administrative Service
Director: Mrs Wennie SALATIELU (Acting)
Contact: PO Box 67, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4018
Facsimile (683) 4305

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
Director: Mr Brendon PASISI
Contact: PO Box 74, Alofi, Niue
Telephone (683) 4032
Facsimile (683) 4079

Community Affairs
Director Mr Fa’apoi AKESI
Library Officer Ms Amanda Heka
Contact: PO Box 77, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4019
Facsimile (683) 4391

Director Mrs Loseligi SIAKIMOTU
Contact: PO Box 32, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4145
Facsimile (683) 4301

Environment & Biodiversity
Director Mr Sauni TONGATULE
Contact: PO Box 77, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4021
Facsimile (683) 4391

Director Dr Sitaleki FINAU
Contact: PO Box 33, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4100
Facsimile (683) 4265

Financial Secretary Mike FLEMMING
Chief Accountant Doug
Contact: PO Box 36, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4047
Facsimile (683) 4350
Bulk Fuel
Manager Mr Desmond Tukutama
Contact: Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4119
Facsimile (683) 4362

Power Supply
General Manager Mr Hetututama Hetutu
Contact: PO Box 198, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4119
Facsimile (683) 4385

Telecommunication & Post
Director Mr Richard Hipa
Contact: PO Box 37, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4000
Facsimile (683) 4010

General Manager Mr Patrick Lino
Contact: PO Box 68, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4026
Facsimile (683) 4217

Development Bank
General Manager Mrs Angela Tuhipa
Contact: PO Box 34, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4335
Facsimile (683) 4290

Director Mrs Ida Talagi Hekesi
Contact: PO Box 42, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 6224
Facsimile (683) 4225

External Affairs
Head: Mrs Christine Ioane
New Public Service Building
Telephone: (683) 4018

Civil Aviation
Director Mr Laga Lavini
Contact: PO Box 40, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4020
Facsimile (683) 4215

Chief of Police: Mr Ross ARDEN
Contact: PO Box 69, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4333
Facsimile (683) 4230

Public Works
Director Mr Deve TALAGI
Contact: PO Box 38, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4297
Facsimile (683) 4223
Crown Law Office
Head Ms Peleni Talagi
Contact: PO Box 40, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4228
Fax (683) 4208
Email :

Niue Financial Intelligence Unit
Head Peleni Talagi
Contact PO Box 70, Commercial Centre, Alofi, Niue
Telephone (683) 4228
Fax : (683) 4208
Email :

Customs & Tax Office
Head Mr Sione Pokau Sionetuato
Contact: PO Box 36, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4122
Facsimile (683) 4150

Economic Planning & Development Unit
Head Mrs Gloria Talagi - Lines
Contact: PO Box 40, Alofi, Niue
Telephone (683) 4148
Facsimile (683) 4183

Immigration Office
Immigration Officer Mrs Tapu Pihigia
Acting Immigration Officer Tony Kose
Contact: PO Box 69, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4349/4333
Facsimile (683) 4336

Statistics Office
Head Mr Kim Ray Vaha
Contact: PO Box 40, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4219
Facsimile (683) 4183

Quarantine Office
Head Mrs Crisbina Konelio
Contact: PO Box 74, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4032
Facsimile (683) 4079

Justice, Lands & Survey
Secretary for Justice: APPOINTMENT PENDING
Contact: PO Box 75, Alofi, NIUE
Telephone (683) 4128
Facsimile (683) 4231

Meteorology & Climate Change
Director: Mr Sionetasi PULEHETOA
Contact: PO Box 82, Alofi, Niue
Telephone: (683) 4601
Facsimil: e (683) 4602
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